Custom made

For select customers who require special sizes, specific colors or unusual finishes, we offer both customization (based on our existing collections) as well as fully bespoke furniture (based on your specific design). In the case of antiques, we also can provide custom antique restoration. And we work with a wide variety of styles and materials ranging from metal work to wood carpentry to upholstery, all which can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Customization: For existing designs already in our catalog, customers can choose their preferred color & finish (or provide their own color sample).
  • Bespoke: Create your own designs, to be hand-made in the materials, color and finish of your choice. 
  • Custom Restoration: Antiques can often be restored in a more then one manner based on taste and preference for certain finishes. Alterations can be made using traditional methods or pieces can simply be enhanced to increase usability in the modern home.

A brief description of the process is shown below to help you understand the process or visit us for a detailed consultation.

design consulting for custom made furniture Consultation:

To determine the general concept and discuss your specific design requirements, timing and budget. It will be very important for you at this time to communicate your needs and expectations in terms of functionality, quality and usage as this will help us better determine which materials and craftsmen to assign to the job. 
sample sketch for custom made chinese furniture Concept & Design 

Based on your specifications we will provide images (often a simple sketch or similar rendering) to help you further refine the concept, lock down any features needed and in general to size up proportions, decorative elements etc.
color samples for custom made furniture Colors & Finish

Because specific materials and finishes can affect the pricing, we will explain the differences to you assist you in selecting what’s best for the project and your budget. As most of our lacquers and finishes are created entirely by hand, always expect some minor variation. 
sales quotation for custom chinese furniture Quotation

A quotation will be provided to you based on the item, materials, finish and other details previously discussed. Should you agree, we will normally request a 50% deposit based on the total amount of the order. This deposit is then given to the factory and is used to purchase the materials and is therefore always non-refundable.
cad drawing for custom made chinese furniture Drawing & Specifications

Once you have confirmed your design, in many (though not all) cases, a detailed drawing will be necessary, which will be provided to you for final approval. If there are minor changes, please let us know at this time as changes cannot be made once it has been given to the factory. 
furniture carpentry and construction Production

Production depends on the craftsmen, the type of project, holidays and many other factors and may range anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. At the time of ordering we will give you an estimated production time. Be patient as it takes time to create perfection.
quality control checks for custom furniture Quality Assurance Check

Our staff have years of experience in making furniture and to ensure items are made to specifications we will always inspect each piece prior to shipment. In many cases customers will be provided with photos in advance of the process. Pay attention to them carefully and do provide feedback!
packing and shipping Packing & Shipping

Depending on urgency, cost, location and other various factors, your order will be packed and shipped via truck or ocean freight. This may take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks or more depending on the location of the craftsmen making your piece.
final bespoke custom made chinese furniture Delivery

Finally at the appointed date, a beautiful, one of a kind, bespoke piece, will be delivered to your residence, client or other commercial project. It will be unique, made entirely by hand and like no other. 

We look forward to your next project!